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Victim of a nuclear war, New York is now a huge ruins. In an improvised giant arena, gladiators of the future kill one another infront of TV cameras. Thanks to the assistance of a woman, Shannon achieves a decisive victory...

Italian release date: November 05, 1983

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French poster from the movie Endgame (Endgame - Bronx lotta finale)

Main Cast

  • Ron Shannon
  • Lilith
  • Kurt Karnak
  • Professor Levin
  • Ninja
  • Bull
  • Kovack
  • Col. Morgan
  • Kijawa
  • Tommy
  • Stark
  • Woody Aldridge
  • Gabe Mantrax
  • Speaker
  • Committee Member


Also Known As

  • Endgame, gioco finale (it)

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