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Gibel sensatsii




This masterpiece of Soviet science fiction from the thirties is adapted from the classic R.U.R. (Rossum Universum Robots), from Czech writer Karel Capek, inventor of the word "robot". In the manner of Metropolis, but with a fair amount of humour, the film relates the adventures of a scientist who managed to create mechanical androids gifted with extreme intelligence. Only their feelings appear to be lacking.

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Russian poster from the movie Gibel sensatsii

Main Cast

  • Jim Ripl
  • Jack Ripl, his brother
  • Kler (Claire) Ripl, his sist
  • Meri (Mary) Ripl, Jack'
  • Military Officer in Charge
  • Charlie, worker
  • Mr. Rotterdem, banker
  • Doll Seller at night club
  • Dizer
  • Tom, worker
  • Percy Grimm, ministry member
  • Gamilton (Hamilton) Grimm



No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Гибель сенсации (inc)
  • Loss of the Sensation (inc)
  • Loss of Feeling (inc)
  • RUR: The Robots of Jim Ripl (inc)

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