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The Giant Claw




During a flight test, Mitch MacAfee sees a huge UFO. Unfortunately the radars do not record any echo and nobody seems to trust the expert pilot, neither even his lovely colleague and mate. The authorities must however revise their judgement when one of their interception plane is missing in action and when a flight transport damages a while after its pilots have also report the appearance of UFO as large as a warship... » Get more informations…

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Us poster from the movie The Giant Claw

Main Cast

  • Mitch MacAfee
  • Sally Caldwell
  • Lt. Gen. Edward Considine
  • Pierre Broussard
  • Dr. Karol Noymann
  • Gen. Van Buskirk
  • Pete - Pilot
  • Maj. Bergen
  • Lieutenant, Radar Officer


Also Known As

  • Гигантский коготь (inc)
  • The Mark of the Claw (us)

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