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The Time Guardian




Heavily damaged from an attack by the Jen-Diki, a time travelling city is forced to land in the year 1988, and sends advance guardian, Ballard, to make preparations. However, as he prepares the area for his city's imminent landing, three Jen-Diki time spheres break through the time-force -- There's going to be a battle... » Get more informations…

Australian release date: December 03, 1987

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Australian poster from the movie The Time Guardian

Main Cast

  • Ballard, The Time Guardian
  • Annie Lassiter
  • Boss
  • Petra
  • Zuryk & Committee Member
  • Sergeant McCarthy
  • Rafferty
  • Sun-Wah
  • Smith
  • Tracker
  • Prenzler
  • Wayne
  • Counihan
  • Undertaker
  • Tucker

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