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Gamera vs. Gaos




Gaos, the giant bat-like monster, is awakened when a volcano begins rumbling. A young boy joins up with scientists in order to tap into his psychic connection with Gamera, the giant monster that will help save humanity. Everyone holds their breath as they wonder if the young boy will be able to destroy the evil Gaos.

Japanese release date: March 15, 1967

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Japanese poster from the movie Gamera vs. Gaos (Daikaijû kûchûsen: Gamera tai Gyaosu)

Main Cast

  • Foreman Shiro Tsutsumi
  • Tatsuemon Kanamura
  • Sumiko Kanamura
  • Eiichi Kanamura
  • Mite-no-Tetsu
  • Hachiko
  • Dr. Aoki
  • Self-Defense Force Général
  • District Police Commissioner
  • Dr. Murakami
  • Road Company Chairman
  • Road Company Local Affairs D
  • Okabe the Photographer
  • Gamera
  • Road Company Chairman's


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Gamera vs. Gyaos (inc)
  • Daikaijû kuchusen: Gamera tai Gaos (inc)
  • Boyichi and the Supermonster (inc)
  • Гамера против Гяоса (inc)
  • Giant Monster Mid-Air Battle: Gamera vs. Gaos (jp)
  • Return of the Giant Monsters (us)

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