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A legendary monster unleashes his wrath on the earth... An atomic bomb blast is detonated as American and Soviet forces clash, awakening Gammera, an immense prehistoric turtle-like creature, from his eons of slumber. The enraged beast wanders the arctic wilderness annihilating all traces of humanity in his path. The horrible devastation incites an international panic and world leaders convene to devise a strategy to eliminate the beast. The most advanced and powerful weapons in mankind's arsenal are useless against Gammera and merely provoke the awesome monster to greater acts of destruction. Faced with major cities in ruin and global carnage beyond imagination, the world's top scientists combine forces to develop Plan Z - a final desperate chance for human survival...

Japanese release date: November 27, 1965

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Japanese poster from the movie Gamera (Daikaijû Gamera)

Main Cast

  • Dr. Hidaka
  • Kyoko Yamamoto
  • Aoyagi
  • Toshio Sakurai
  • Nobuyo Sakurai
  • Mr. Sakurai
  • Professeur Murase
  • Minister of Defense
  • Soviet Representative
  • Eskimo Chief
  • Chidori Maru Capitaine
  • Chidori Maru Navigator
  • Chidori Maru Radioman
  • U.S. Arctic Base Commander
  • U.S. Air Base Radar Technici



No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • The Giant Monster Gamera (inc)
  • Гамера (inc)

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