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The Galaxy Invader




Witness of the spaceship crash in the nearby forest, David Harmon contacts his former professor and ufologist Dr. William Tracy so as to leave in search of the ship. Meanwhile, the alien crosses the path of Joe Montague, a alcoholic (the kind of man using his gun to punish his naughty children). Joe tells his friend Frank Custor about his encounter who tells hims to capture the creature for money. When night falls, David and Dr Tracy are going to assist, petrified, to the "green beast chase" organized by Joe and Frank with the some assistance of pillar customers of the bar...

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Us poster from the movie The Galaxy Invader

Main Cast

  • Joe Montague
  • Carol Montague
  • J.J. Montague
  • David Harmon
  • Ethel Montague
  • Dr. William Tracy
  • Annie Montague
  • Vickie Johnson
  • Frank Custor
  • Alien / Couple at Bar
  • Michael Smith
  • McGregor
  • Thompson
  • Giddings
  • Turner

Also Known As

  • Galaxy Invader (us)

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