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We are in the year 3008, space travel is now the routine. As we discover other civilizations, space traffic is growing. The Unified Intergalactic Federation has called to order the creation of a police force. This fleet of vessels has to patrol the limits of the known stellar systems.

This is the story of one of these police spaceships, the Infinity matriculates 308. It is also the story of the crew and its robot. This is no ordinary robot. In the 31st century, man has finally created a gifted sentient machine. It is called GALAXINA....

Us release date: June 06, 1980

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Us poster from the movie Galaxina

Main Cast

  • Sgt. Thor
  • Capt. Cornelius Butt
  • Buzz
  • Galaxina
  • Maurice
  • Sam Wo
  • Ordric
  • Ordric's Voice (voix)
  • Rockeater / Kitty / Opera Si
  • Chopper
  • Monster from Egg
  • Elexia
  • Commander Garrity
  • Mr. Spot
  • Fat Daddy


$5 500 000

Also Known As

  • Галаксина (inc)

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