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Galactica 1980




Thirty years after the events of the series "Battlestar Galactica" the fleet of fugitives finally reache its legendary destination : Earth. But commander Adama discovers that planet earth (1980's) is not sufficiently advanced enough to help them with their struggle against the Cylons. Indeed, by discovering Earth Galactica has involuntarily exposed the fragile planet to the wrath of the Cylons, whos goal is to exterminate all of humanity...

British release date: September 01, 1984
Us release date: January 27, 1980

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Unknown artwork from the series Galactica 1980

Main Cast

  • Capitaine Troy
  • Lieutenant Dillon
  • Jamie Hamilton
  • Commander Adama
  • Dr. Zee
  • Mr. Brooks
  • Colonel Boomer
  • Super Scout
  • Super Scout
  • Super Scout
  • Sunshine
  • Starla
  • Super Scout
  • Super Scout
  • Moonstone

Also Known As

  • Звездный крейсер Галактика 1980 (inc)
  • Battlestar Galactica (us)

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