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Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy




Human police detective Matthew Sikes and his alien Newcomer partner George Francisco face one of their most suspenseful challenges yet: the chilling Udara Legacy. The Newcomers were originally a slave labor force for another alien race, until their slave ship crashed on earth and freed them. However, while still on board the ship, certain Newcomers were mentally programmed to be later used as suicide bombers. Now someone has discovered how to reactivate this programming, and is using the Newcomers for his own evil purposes...

Us release date: July 29, 1997

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy

Main Cast

  • Detective Matt Sikes
  • George Francisco
  • Susan Francisco
  • Cathy Frankel
  • Emily Francisco
  • Buck Francisco
  • Albert Einstein
  • Capitaine Bryan Grazer
  • Detective Beatrice Zapeda
  • Avra
  • Leonard Guini
  • Larry
  • Cummings
  • Paul Bearer
  • Senator Silverthorne

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