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Alien Nation: The Enemy Within




A young woman is found dead, and the evidence points to a mysterious Newcomer sect that is shunned by others. Mysterious deadly gases, alien bigotry, mutant Newcomers and a maze of long forgotten subterranean passageways beneath Los Angeles’s streets provide the backdrop for the newest mystery facing human police detective Matt Sikes and his alien Newcomer partner George Francisco...

Us release date: November 12, 1996

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Unknown poster from the TV movie Alien Nation: The Enemy Within

Main Cast

  • Detective Matt Sikes
  • George Francisco
  • Susan Francisco
  • Cathy Frankel
  • Emily Francisco
  • Buck Francisco
  • Albert Einstein
  • Capitaine Bryon Grazer
  • Terry Firma
  • Queen Mother
  • May O'Naize
  • Carry Onbag
  • Saran Wrap, Eeno Foreman
  • Jessica
  • Rick Shaw


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