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Alien Nation: Dark Horizon




In the original "Alien Nation", escaped slaves from the planet of Tencton came to earth in search of sanctuary. Gradually, they won their civil rights, integrated themselves into society, and settled down. But even as many earthlings grew used to the "newcomers", splinter groups, called the "purists", resisted their entry into our world. "Alien Nation: Dark Horizon" continues the story, once again focusing on George, a Tencton who joined the police force, and his partner Matt. But now this intergalactic tale shifts into an even darker mode. The purists have developed a virus designed to harm only aliens -- and George's wife and daughter are among the first to fall ill. But danger comes from their own kind as well, in the form of a Ahpossno, a bounty hunter from back home who wants to bring the escapees back to Tencton... where they would once again become slaves -- or worse.

British release date: June 27, 1996
Us release date: October 25, 1994

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Us poster from the TV movie Alien Nation: Dark Horizon

Main Cast

  • Det. Matthew Sikes
  • George Francisco
  • Susan Francisco
  • Cathy Frankel
  • Emily Francisco
  • Buck Francisco
  • Albert Einstein
  • Capt. Brian Grazer
  • Ahpossno
  • Detective Beatrice Zapeda
  • Dr. Lois Allen
  • Mary O'Naise
  • Phyllis Bryant
  • Marc Guerin
  • Penny

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