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The Year is 2025 and global tension is rapidly growing between the Hawaiian Liberation organisation and the North American Alliance. On the brink of war, superstar athlete Tre Ramsey must fight with all his powers to save himself, his team and the fate of his country.

The question of territory is set to be solved by holding a game of FutureSport – a violent combination of basketball and skateboarding which requires the utmost skill and agility – hold on to the ball for more than five seconds and electricity shoots through your body. Obike Fixx, the creator of the game, is coaching the HLO Team – who seem willing to play by “Street Rules”, thus increasing the danger level in this high-stakes game!

Us release date: October 01, 1998

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French poster from the TV movie Futuresport

Main Cast

  • Tre Ramzey
  • Alex Torres
  • Obike Fixx
  • Jet
  • Blake Becker
  • Coach Douglas
  • Sythe
  • Anarchy
  • Lorelei
  • Hodgkins
  • Ronnie Vance
  • Keahi
  • Thomas Mayhem
  • Hatchet Jack Jamiston
  • Autograph Kid

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