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The residents of Starliner Island enjoy a luxurious and opulent lifestyle incorporating the best in country living with the services of the nearby city... until something goes wrong. A strange disease begins to infect the residents causing violent outbreaks of uncontrollable violence combined with unusual sexual behaviour... » Get more informations…

Canadian release date: October 10, 1975
Us release date: July 06, 1976

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Us poster from the movie Shivers

Main Cast

  • Roger St. Luc
  • Rollo Linsky
  • Nurse Forsythe
  • Nicholas Tudor
  • Janine Tudor
  • Betts
  • Merrick
  • Detective Heller
  • Mr. Guilbault
  • Mrs. Guilbault
  • Doorman
  • Kresimer Sviben
  • Benda Sviben
  • Delivery Boy
  • Parkins

Also Known As

  • Orgy of the Blood Parasites (ca)
  • The Parasite Complex (ca)
  • The Parasite Murders (inc)
  • They Came from Within (us)

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