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The Curse of Frankenstein




Baron Frankenstein lets his zeal get the better of him when he kills a scientist in order to obtain a brain for the macabre experimental creature he is stitching together. But when the creature comes to life it embarks on a rampage of terror for which Frankenstein is blamed and condemned to the guillotine...

British release date: May 02, 1957
Us release date: June 25, 1957

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Us poster from the movie The Curse of Frankenstein

Main Cast

  • Victor Frankenstein
  • Elizabeth
  • Paul Krempe
  • Creature
  • Young Victor
  • Justine
  • Professor Bernstein
  • Aunt
  • Grandpa
  • Little Boy
  • Priest
  • Warder
  • Burgomaster
  • Wife
  • Young Elizabeth

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