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Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man




When Larry Talbot wakes up from his eternal sleep he resumes his nocturnal Wolfman life... hurt, transported to the hospital he will attempt to find a physician's assistance to exit his lycanthrope state... The physician will not bring him the hoped assistance. Talbot leaves then to the search of the Doctor Frankenstein, probably the alone man able to help him to exit his condition. Frankenstein is dead and Talbot is going to free his creature, up to now enclosed in a block of ice...

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Us release date: March 05, 1943

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Unknown poster from the movie Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

Main Cast

  • Lawrence Stewart Talbot / Th
  • Baroness Elsa Frankenstein
  • Dr. Frank Mannering
  • Mayor of Vasaria
  • Frankenstein Monster
  • Maleva
  • Inspector Owen
  • Franzec - Townsman
  • Vazec - Innkeeper
  • Rudi - Townsman
  • Constable Guno

Also Known As

  • Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman (us)

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