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Frankenstein Created Woman




Hans, the son of a convicted and executed murderer, is wrongly accused of murder by three middle class thugs who are the real culprits. Hans dubious lineage is evoked by the locals and he is wrongly executed as the supposed killer. A distraught Christina, his deformed lover and the daughter of the murdered man, drown herself in the local river and her body is recovered by Baron Frankenstein who is looking to test his newly invention which can capture a soul and move it from one body to another. Having captured Hans' soul shortly after his execution, he places it in Christina's body and revives her, reconstructing her deformities in the process and creating a stunningly beautiful blonde. Rechristened Anna, she has no memory of her previous life but the sight of the guillotine reactivates Hans' memories and she sets out to take revenge on the men who really killed her father...

British release date: June 18, 1967
Us release date: March 15, 1967

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Us poster from the movie Frankenstein Created Woman

Main Cast

  • Baron Frankenstein
  • Christina
  • Docteur Hertz
  • Hans
  • The Prisoner
  • Anton
  • Karl
  • Johann
  • Kleve
  • Chief of Police
  • Mayor
  • Landlord
  • Priest
  • Bystander
  • Spokesman

Also Known As

  • Frankenstein Made Woman (inc)
  • And Frankenstein Created Woman (inc)
  • Франкенштейн создал женщину (inc)

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