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Frankenstein - 1970




Baron Victor Von Frankenstein has been bankrupted by the war and the bad manners of Nazi. To remake a financial health, he sells his family memories to a television channel that wishes to shoot a documentary on his ancestor's researches, in the sumptuous scenery of his castle. Thanks to financial producer liberalities, the baron acquires a nuclear reactor. Thanks to it, he succeeds in restoring life to a monstrous creature whom he transplanted the brain of his butler. But the monster succeeds to escape...
(Correction : Josh)

British release date: September 22, 1958
Us release date: July 20, 1958

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Us poster from the movie Frankenstein - 1970

Main Cast

  • Baron Victor von Frankenstei
  • Mike Shaw
  • Carolyn Hayes
  • Douglas Row
  • Judy Stevens
  • Inspector Raab
  • Wilhelm Gottfried
  • Shuter
  • Morgan Haley
  • Hans Himmler / The Monster

Also Known As

  • Frankenstein 1960 (us)
  • Frankenstein 1975 (us)

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