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Victor Frankenstein, a man possessed by a mission to create life but painfully unaware of the consequences of his actions. He succeeds in his quest to create a man, but his creature is both revolting and tragically aware of the effect he has on others. His creation escapes, and Frankenstein eventually gives him up for dead. The creature, however, is very much alive, tormented by his plight and plotting a horrible revenge...

Japanese release date: January 21, 1995
British release date: November 04, 1994
Us release date: November 04, 1994

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Us poster from the movie Frankenstein

Main Cast

  • The Creature
  • Victor Frankenstein
  • Henry Clerval
  • Elizabeth
  • Capitaine Robert Walton
  • Baron Frankenstein
  • Grandfather
  • Professeur Waldman
  • Professeur Krempe
  • Caroline Beaufort Frankenste
  • Mrs. Moritz
  • Justine
  • Claude
  • Felix
  • Marie



$45 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$112 006 000

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