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Fortress 2




Since his spectacular escape from the Men-Tel prison, John Brennick cultivates the earth with his wife and his son in the heart of a forest. Despite years of freedom, the powerful consortium has not renounced its intent to pursue the one that has dared to escape from its technological prison.

When his old friends visit him, John is not only reminded of his past but also the warned of the future. Betrayed, he and his are taken in hunting without pity. To allow his wife and his son to escape, John sacrifices and falls into the hands of Men-Tel...

British release date: July 21, 2000

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French poster from the movie Fortress 2

Main Cast

  • John Henry Brennick
  • Danny Brennick
  • Nestor Tubman
  • Elena Rivera
  • Karen Brennick
  • Stanley Nussbaum
  • Eagle Two
  • Mercenary Leader
  • Mercenary
  • Eagle One
  • ZED (voix)
  • Peter Teller
  • Sally Ho
  • Wells
  • Sato

Also Known As

  • Fortress 2: Re-Entry (us)

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