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Forever Young




A grieving 1930s test pilot, Daniel McCormick, volunteers to be frozen in sleep as an experiment, believing that his girlfriend has been fatally injured in a car accident. Fifty years on he is found by two boys who help him to discover the truth. Now he's about to fall in love all over again... » Get more informations…

British release date: March 26, 1993
Us release date: December 16, 1992

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French poster from the movie Forever Young

Main Cast

  • Capt. Daniel McCormick
  • Claire Cooper
  • Nat Cooper
  • Helen
  • Harry Finley
  • Cameron
  • John
  • Lt. Col. Wilcox USAF
  • Felix
  • Susan Finley
  • Steven
  • Alice
  • Alice's Father
  • Fred
  • Gate MP



Worldwide Box-office
$127 942 000

Also Known As

  • Return of Daniel (us)
  • The Rest of Daniel (us)

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