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Princess Vespa, whose hairstyle surely ranks as one of the universe's oldest creations, is kidnapped by the evil Dark Helmet. But fear not! Lone Star and his half man, half dog sidekick Barf, blast into action in their space Winnebago, struggling against time (and their own limited intelligence) to rescue the Princess. Along the way they'll confront the gooey Pizza the Hutt, a sassy robot named Dot Matrix, and a little creature called Yogurt who possesses the mystical power of the Swartz. The gags fly faster than laserblasts as the fearless and clueless space heroes wage interstellar warfare for life, liberty and the pursuit of massive merchandising opportunities...

British release date: December 11, 1987
Us release date: June 24, 1987

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Us poster from the movie Spaceballs

Main Cast

  • President Skroob / Yogurt
  • Barf
  • Dark Helmet
  • Lone Starr
  • Princess Vespa
  • King Roland
  • Colonel Sandurz
  • Radar Technician
  • Dot Matrix (voix)
  • Dot Matrix
  • John Hurt
  • Radio Operator
  • Minister
  • Prince Valium
  • Commanderette Zircon



$22 700 000

Also Known As

  • Planet Moron (us)
  • Spaceballs: The Video (us)

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