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The Flesh Eaters




A hard-bitten, down-on-his-luck charter pilot (Byron Sanders) is hired by an alcoholic movie actress (Rita Morley) and her nubile personal assistant (Barbara Wilkin) to fly them to Provincetown. But mechanical problems and an impending storm force them to land on a deserted island habited by a German scientist (Martin Kosleck) harboring secret experiments and an even darker past...

Us release date: March 18, 1964

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Us poster from the movie The Flesh Eaters

Main Cast

  • Prof. Peter Bartell
  • Grant Murdoch
  • Jan Letterman
  • Laura Winters
  • Omar
  • Matt
  • Jim
  • Radio Operator
  • Cab Driver (scenes deleted)
  • Ann
  • Freddy Miller

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