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Flashman (Paolo Gozlino) is a costumed crime fighter (like Batman) based in London. Flashman has no superpowers but is wise enough to wear a bulletproof costume.

A scientist who has just perfected an invisibility serum and antidote is promptly murdered by a crime lord (Ivano Staccioli) known as “Kid.” Meanwhile, Flashman in disguise, is working in a bank plagued by counterfeit currency. A gang of women led by a femme fatale named Alika (Claudie Lange) have infiltrated the bank’s workforce to replace real currency with funny money.
After leading the cops to the gals’ lair, Flashman sets his sights on capturing the invisible villain. Intrigued by Alika, Kid makes himself invisible again and frees her from jail. Together they set their sights on separating a maharajah from his wealth.

Baxter (Jacques Ary), an idiotic police inspector, wants to pin the crimes on Flashman. To prove his innocence, Flashman uses a ruse to lure Baxter to Beirut. That’s where Kid & Alika use invisibility in an ingenious way to get the maharajah’s money. Eventually, Flashman acquires some of the invisibility serum to administer unseen retribution to some hapless thugs and prove to Baxter that such a formula exists. This sets the stage for the final showdown between Flashman and the dastardly duo of Kid & Alika. (Anonymous)

Italian release date: April 08, 1967

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French poster from the movie Flashman

Main Cast

  • Lord Alex Burman / Flashman
  • Alika
  • Kid
  • Inspector Baxter
  • Nevenka
  • Sheila
  • Flower
  • Kid's Henchman
  • Member of the Counterfeit Ga
  • ...
  • Melina
  • Commissioner Legrand
  • Member of the Counterfeit Ga
  • Prof. Phillips
  • (crédit seul)


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