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Flash Gordon




Flash Gordon, a young muscular and athletic man meets Dale Arden when he saves her from an

aerial catastrophe by jumping in parachute. They land near the laboratory of Dr. Zarkov. The former obliges them to climb in a rocket in departure for

planet Mongo. It seems that the small planet directs straight to the Earth and has to enter in collision with it. Our heros have to save the world from

the claws of the terrible Emperor Ming whose destructive and scientific weapons make havoc...

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Us release date: March 05, 1938

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Us poster from the movie Flash Gordon

Main Cast

  • Flash Gordon (archives)
  • Dale Arden (archives)
  • Ming the Merciless (archives
  • Princess Aura (archives)
  • Dr. Hans Zarkov (archives)
  • Prince Barin (archives)
  • King Vultan (archives)
  • King Thun (archives)
  • Second High Priest (archives
  • Officer Torch (archives)
  • Professeur Gordon (archives)
  • Professeur Henson (archives)
  • Transcontinental Pilot (arch
  • Ming Guard (archives)
  • Hawkmen Lookout Capitaine (a

Also Known As

  • Atomic Rocketship (inc)
  • Flash Gordon: Rocketship (us)

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