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The Flame Barrier




A scientist goes missing while hunting for a downed satellite in the South American jungle. His wife, with the help of two surveyors, follows the route of the scientist’s party and discovers that a mysterious force is killing animals and people in the area. They eventually find the satellite, and the deadly space life brought to Earth with it... (Kevin Pyrtle)

Us release date: April 02, 1958

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Us poster from the movie The Flame Barrier

Main Cast

  • Dave Hollister
  • Carol Dahlmann
  • Matt Hollister
  • Julio
  • Waumi
  • Tispe
  • Mexican girl
  • Indian girl
  • Bearer
  • Wounded Indian
  • Village Indian
  • Unidentifed Role


Also Known As

  • Beyond the Flame Barrier (inc)
  • It Fell from the Flame Barrier (us)

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