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First Wave




My name is Cade Foster. These are my journals. They killed my wife and framed me for murder. Now, I run but I don't hide. With the prophecies of Nostradamus as my guide, I seek them, I hunt them... I will stop the first wave.

Centuries ago, Nostradamus has predicted that the Earth would be destroyed by an alien enemy power in three mortal phases: During the first wave, a form of alien life with a human appearance prepares the invasion. The second phase will be the large attack scale of the Earth by the aliens. The third wave will see the end of our planet such as we know it. In agreement with the prophecy, the last hope of the Earth resides in a man "twice blessed" that holds the key to save humanity...
(Correction : Julia)

Canadian release date: December 02, 1998
British release date: January 04, 1999
Us release date: March 19, 1999

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Unknown artwork from the series First Wave

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