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Frankenstein's Daughter




Calling himself "Oliver Frank", Dr. Frankenstein's grandson is up to the old tricks while developing a wonder drug with kindly Carter Morton. After using Carter's niece, Trudy as his unwitting guinea pig, secretly transforming her while she sleeps, Oliver graduates to creating a new horror from scratch...

Us release date: December 15, 1958

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Us poster from the movie Frankenstein's Daughter

Main Cast

  • Johnny Bruder
  • Trudy Morton
  • Oliver Frank / Frankenstein
  • Suzie Lawler
  • Don (Suzie's guy)
  • Prof. Carter Morton
  • Elsu
  • Police Lt. Boyle
  • Police Det. Bill Dillon
  • The Monster
  • Mr. Rockwell, Chemist
  • Frightened Housewife
  • First Victim - Warehouseman
  • Mack (dockworker)
  • Himself (leader, Page Cavana

Also Known As

  • She Monster of the Night (inc)

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