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The Stepford Wives




Joanna Eberhart and her husband Walter move to Stepford, Connecticut. Joanna and her friend, Bobbie, meet the other women of the little town. They soon discover that the wives are perfect housewives who are only interested in pleasing their husbands. Concerned about these curious behaviors, Joanna and Bobbie are all the more alarmed that their husbands join the mysterious Stepford Men's Club. This castle of masculine meeting is a heavily-guarded manor that seems to hide a number of curious surprises...
(Correction Arroxane Ullman)
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Us release date: February 12, 1975

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Us poster from the movie The Stepford Wives

Main Cast

  • Joanna Eberhart
  • Bobbie Markowe
  • Walter Eberhart
  • Carol Van Sant
  • Charmaine Wimpiris
  • Dr. Fancher
  • Ike Mazzard
  • Kit Sunderson
  • Marie Axhelm
  • Patricia Cornell
  • Mary Ann Stravros
  • Claude Axhelm
  • Ed Wimpiris
  • Raymond Chandler
  • Mr. Cornell

Also Known As

  • Las esclavas de Stepford (inc)
  • Степфордские жены (inc)

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