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A Head for the Devil




Pofessor Abel knows he is going to die : his heart will soon fail. His brain is in perfect state of fonctionning. The best proof for that is that he succeeded to keep the head of a dog alive. Dr. Oods, whom he explains this extraordinary scientist exploit, ask him to try the experience on humans. Oods will soon behade the Professor and keep his head alive, hoping getting some secrets out of him. The next plan of the mad scientist will be to put the head of the lovely  Irène, who has a huge body, on the one of a marvelous female dancer... » Get more informations…

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German release date: July 24, 1959

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French poster from the movie A Head for the Devil (Die Nackte und der Satan)

Main Cast

  • Dr. Brandt - alias Dr. Ood
  • Schwester Irene Sander
  • Bert Jaeger
  • Police Commissioner Sturm
  • Paul Lerner
  • Dr. Walter Burke
  • Stella - alias Lilly
  • Prof. Dr. Abel



Also Known As

  • The Screaming Head (inc)
  • Des Satans nackte Sklavin (rfa)
  • The Head (us)

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