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The Wasp Woman




Professor Zinthrop, a renegade scientist offers an aging beauty, Janice Starlin, eternal youth by administering injections of wasp enzymes. The experiment goes haywire and Starlin transforms into a hideous, carniverous half-insect creature bringing death and destruction to all those who cross her path...

Us release date: October 30, 1959

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Us poster from the movie The Wasp Woman

Main Cast

  • Janice Starlin
  • Bill Lane
  • Mary Dennison
  • Arthur Cooper
  • Eric Zinthrop
  • Les Hellman
  • Night Watchman
  • Paul Thompson
  • Jean Carson
  • Maureen Reardon
  • First Delivery Man
  • Secretary
  • Second Delivery Man

Also Known As

  • The Bee Girl (inc)
  • Insect Woman (inc)
  • Женщина-оса (inc)

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