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Fahrenheit 451




Based on the novel by Ray Bradbury ‘Fahrenheit 451′ Books are the enemy! That is why, in an unnamed country at an unspecified time, reading is strictly forbidden. The fire brigade’s sole mission is not to put fires out but to hunt down people who possess books and to reduce these objects to ashes. Montag, a zealous fireman and a citizen who is respectful of institutions, comes across Clarisse, a young schoolteacher who causes him to have doubts about his job. Gradually he too discovers a love of books.

British release date: September 16, 1966
Us release date: November 14, 1966

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Unknown poster from the movie Fahrenheit 451

Main Cast

  • Clarisse / Linda Montag
  • Guy Montag
  • The Capitaine
  • Fabian / Headmistress
  • Man with the Apple
  • Book Woman
  • Book Person: 'The Life

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