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Fanatic of science fiction, Ben makes a strange dream he communicates to his friend Wolfgang. Expert in computer, this one succeeds to create, from the indications of Ben, a transparent bubble capable to displace at an extraordinary speed and whose experimentation causes some damages, happily without gravity, in his mini-laboratory. Another kid, Darren, soon joins them to construct a space shuttle from materials of recovery. This one will transport them to an unknown, unexpected destination...

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British release date: December 19, 1986
Us release date: July 12, 1985

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Us poster from the movie Explorers

Main Cast

  • Ben Crandall
  • Wolfgang Müller
  • Steve Jackson
  • Steve Jackson's Gang
  • Steve Jackson's Gang
  • Steve Jackson's Gang
  • Lori Swenson
  • Nasty Kid at School
  • Darren Woods
  • Mrs. Müller
  • Ludwig Müller
  • Mr. Müller
  • Science Teacher
  • Girl in Classroom
  • Darren's Teacher


Also Known As

  • Исследователи (inc)

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