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Experiment 7




Dr. Felix Copper is a doctor of Biological Sciences and is on a quest to find a solution to purifying radiation from water in the year 2022, ten years after the fall of humankind. He has to travel to the far outreaches of every city known, trying to make his way to the coveted underground lab, if the Mutants don't get him first. Along the way he meets some unwarranted friends, Sam and William, two off the cuff heroes who cause more problems than they fix, and Aco, a super-model turned weapons expert. Together, Dr. Copper just might survive long enough to find a cure.

British release date: June 07, 2010

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Us poster from the movie Experiment 7

Main Cast

  • Dr. Felix Copper
  • Aco
  • Sam
  • William
  • Dr. Melanie Phillips
  • Dr. Holly Croft
  • Maria Copper
  • David Armstrong
  • Nathan
  • Hank
  • Turner
  • Commander Bell
  • Private Moore
  • Private Wright
  • Colossus


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