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The aftermath of a recent nuclear explosion has contaminated all but a precious few drops of the city's drinking water. Unfortunately, this supply is under the control of the Black Knight who threatens destruction unless his terrible demands are met. The fate of all citizens now lies in the hands of the Heroic Trio. They must use their wits, as well as their vast array of martial art skills, to beat this dark nemesis...

Hong kong release date: September 30, 1993

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Unknown artwork from the movie Executioners (Xian dai hao xia zhuan)

Main Cast

  • Ching / San / Carol
  • Tung / Wonder Woman / Doroth
  • Chat / Thief Catcher / Chels
  • Inspector Lau
  • Mr. Kim / The Faceless Monst
  • Chong Hon / Coda
  • Tak
  • Colonel
  • The President
  • The President's Deputy

Also Known As

  • Yin doi ho hap juen (hk)
  • Heroic Trio 2: Executioners (inc)
  • Modern Day Wonder Heroes Legend (inc)

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