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King of Kong Island




Remote-control devices help turn monstrous gorillas into robots, but this practice is threatened when one of the descendents of King Kong tries to put a stop to the nefarious experiments. Eva, a sultry jungle girl, raised by apes, is captured by a mad scientist and his cohorts. To Eva's aid comes a lusty explorer whose intentions seem nothing less than noble. Eventually a disgruntled King Kong-like super-ape arrives to avenge his smaller kinfolk and stomp the daylights out of the evil homosapiens...

Italian release date: September 29, 1968

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Unknown poster from the movie King of Kong Island (Eva, la Venere selvaggia)

Main Cast

  • Burt Dawson
  • Eva - The Savage Girl
  • Albert Muller
  • Ursula
  • Robert
  • Theodore
  • Turk
  • Forrester
  • Malik - The Gorilla
  • Turk's Goon
  • Diana
  • Payroll Robber

Also Known As

  • Kong Island (inc)
  • Eve, the Wild Woman (inc)

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