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Creature from the Black Lagoon



Creature from the Black Lagoon

(Creature from the Black Lagoon)
A movie directed by Jack Arnold
1954 - 79 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.37 : 1
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A research team digging in the Amazon comes across the fossilized hand of a human fish creature. The hand makes its way back to the oceanographic institute and soon conscientious scientist David Reed, greedy scientist Mark and the beautiful girl they fight over, Kay are heading up the Amazon to find more fossils. Instead, of course, they run into the real thing, and terror begins. While Mark and David fight over what to do next, the creature falls in love with Kay, and makes plans of his own...

Us release date: March 05, 1954

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Us poster from the movie Creature from the Black Lagoon

Main Cast

  • Dr. David Reed
  • Kay Lawrence
  • Mark Williams
  • Carl Maia
  • Lucas
  • Dr. Edwin Thompson
  • Zee
  • Chico

Also Known As

  • Создание из Черной лагуны (inc)
  • Black Lagoon (us)

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