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An international team of astronauts, led by Colonel Tom Carlson, is sent into space on a mission to explore Halley's Comet. The team finds a ship hidden in the coma of the comet. Unable to contact Earth because of the electromagnetic interference, Colonel Carlson decides to explore the ship. Once inside, they find the remains of long dead bat creatures along with three glass coffins containing what appear to be humans. Colonel Carlson decides to take the three coffins back to earth along with one of the bat creatures. On the ride back to Earth, the crew discovers what the "humans" really are.

British release date: October 04, 1985
Us release date: June 21, 1985

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Us poster from the movie Lifeforce

Main Cast

  • Col. Tom Carlsen
  • Col. Colin Caine
  • Dr. Hans Fallada
  • Space Girl
  • Dr. Armstrong
  • Dr. Bukovsky
  • Roger Derebridge
  • Sir Percy Heseltine
  • Ellen Donaldson
  • Lamson
  • Guard
  • First Vampire
  • Second Vampire
  • Pathologist
  • Physician



$25 000 000

Also Known As

  • Vampires from Outer Space (inc)
  • Жизненная сила (inc)
  • Space Intruders (us)
  • Space Vampires (us)

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