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The year is 2065. Man has conquered the galaxy. On land, earth is at peace, united by a global democracy. But a deadly struggle rages beneath the oceans. From their secret headquarters at Marineville, the members of the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (WASP) battle the Aquaphibians, a race of grotesque undersea warriors commanded by the evil Titan, who is determined to exterminate the surface dwellers. Leading the fight is Troy Tempest, the young captain of Stingray, a high tech, atomic powered super sub.

British release date: October 04, 1964
Us release date: January 02, 1965

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French poster from the series Stingray

Main Cast

  • Captain Troy Tempest
  • Lieutenant George Lee Sherid
  • Commander Sam Shore
  • Lieutenant Atlanta Shore
  • Marineville Tracking Station

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