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Strange Invaders




A Peaceful evening in 1958, the town is Centerville, Illinois. Life in the small town is quiet and normal. A couple of adolescents are kissing in a car when a spaceship flies overhead. Then the flying saucer lands. When the young people go to their respective houses, they find their houses have been abandoned and are empty...

Us release date: September 16, 1983

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Us poster from the movie Strange Invaders

Main Cast

  • Charles Bigelow
  • Betty Walker
  • Margaret
  • Willie Collins
  • Mrs. Benjamin
  • Earl
  • Waitress / Avon Lady
  • Arthur Newman
  • Mrs. Bigelow
  • Professeur Hollister
  • Elizabeth
  • Tim
  • Teen Boy (Prologue)
  • Teen Girl (Prologue)
  • Gas Station Attendant

Also Known As

  • Странные захватчики (inc)

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