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Destroy All Monsters




In the year 1999, all the Earth's giant monsters (Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, Angilas and Minya, among others) are incarcerated on a small island near Japan. The Kilaaks, a race of aliens from a small planet somewhere in the asteroid belt, release the beasts and send them to trample the cities of our world. An Earth spaceship must penetrate the aliens' moonbase and take control of the monster army before a final confrontation with the space dragon King Ghidrah...

Japanese release date: August 01, 1968
Us release date: May 23, 1969

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Us poster from the movie Destroy All Monsters (Kaijû sôshingeki)

Main Cast

  • SY-3 Capitaine Katsuo Yamabe
  • Dr. Yoshido
  • Kyoko Manabe
  • Dr. Otani
  • Kilaak Queen
  • Dr. Stevenson
  • Ogata
  • Général
  • Commander Nishikawa
  • Major Tada
  • Young Scientist
  • Engineer
  • Old Farmer
  • Police Officer
  • Docteur at hospital

Also Known As

  • Operation Monsterland (inc)
  • The March of the Monsters (inc)
  • Monster Invasion (inc)
  • Monster Attack March (inc)
  • Attack of the Marching Monsters (inc)
  • All Monsters Attack (inc)
  • Годзилла: Парад монстров (inc)
  • Gojira dengeki daisakusen (jp)

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