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The Invaders




After being accused of a crime he did not commit, Nolan Wood has paid with 7 years of prison. Just released, he is newly implicated in the murder of a doctor who was investigating a strange disappearance. Although everyone believes he is mad and dangerous, he is going to search for the truth. Only his son and the girlfriend of the murdered doctor are willing to help him. What they'll discover... nobody will believe.

Us release date: November 12, 1995

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French poster from the series The Invaders

Main Cast

  • Nolan Wood
  • Ellen Garza
  • Jerry Thayer
  • Amanda Thayer
  • Police Lt. 'Mac' C
  • Grace
  • Carlos Suarez
  • Randy Stein
  • Kyle Thayer
  • David Vincent
  • Dr. Josh Webber
  • Rita
  • Det. Rudnik
  • Monck Patterson
  • Sen. Alex Feinman

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