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In the Deanfield British secret laboratories, scientists, led by Professor Koepler work untiringly on a top-secret space rocket project. If the final objective is to send men in space and to build a space station, led experiences, in a first time, must attempt in launching a rocket in circle around the Earth.

Stephen Mitchell is a scientist who fully gives in his fascinating work. But he doesn't notice that his wife Vanessa wishes another kind of life. She is carrying on an affair with Stephen's colleague Philip Crenshaw. The day when the experimental rocket is launched, Crenshaw and Vanessa Mitchell mysteriously disappear. Stephen Mitchell is accused of murdering of the two lovers; a perfect murder !
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British release date: December 21, 1953
Us release date: August 07, 1953

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Us poster from the movie Spaceways

Main Cast

  • Dr. Stephen Mitchell
  • Dr. Lisa Frank
  • Dr. Smith
  • Professeur Koepler
  • Dr. Toby Andrews
  • Dr. Philip Crenshaw
  • Vanessa Mitchell
  • Général Hayes
  • Col. Alfred Daniels
  • Minister


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