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Four horror tales based on urban legends. The first story 'Terror in Topanga', has a smoking addict (Cristina Raines) going out to buy some cigarettes despite there being a killer in the neighborhood. The second story 'Bishop of Battle', has a teenager (Emilio Estevez) who becomes so good at a video game, that the game comes to life to collect him. The third story, 'The Benediction' (based on Stephen Spielberg's 'Duel') has a priest (Lance Hendrickson) whom has lost his faith, leaving his monastery and stalked on the road by a black pick-up truck from hell, literally. The fourth story 'Night of the Rat', (loosely based on 'Poltergeist') has a couple (Richard Masur and Veronica Cartwright), along with their young daughter, battling a giant rat living in their suburban home...

Us release date: September 09, 1983

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Us poster from the movie Nightmares

Main Cast

  • Lisa the Wife ("Terror in To
  • Phil the Husband ("Terror in
  • Store Clerk ("Terror in Topa
  • Mori the Newswoman ("Terror
  • Norman, a Neighbor ("Terror
  • Newsman ("Terror in Topanga"
  • Little Girl ("Terror in Topa
  • William Henry Glazier ("Terr
  • J.J. Cooney ("Bishop of Batt
  • Adele Cooney ("Bishop of Bat
  • Jerry Cooney ("Bishop of Bat
  • Pamela ("Bishop of Battle")
  • Zock Maxwell ("Bishop of Bat
  • Willie ("Bishop of Battle")
  • Mazenza ("Bishop of Battle")


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