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A scientist decides to create a human from basic genetic material. The result is lovely Victoria Spencer, a creature grown from an embryo. Although beautiful, she displays not only her physical charms but aberrant and definitely homicidal behavior. As she becomes more erratic, the enamored doctor is faced with perhaps destroying his own creation...

Us release date: May 21, 1976

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Us poster from the movie Embryo

Main Cast

  • Dr. Paul Holliston
  • Victoria Spencer
  • Martha Douglas
  • Frank Riley
  • Helen Holliston
  • Gordon Holliston
  • Collier
  • Dr. Jim Winston
  • Elle-même
  • John Forbes
  • Dr. Brink
  • Janet Novak
  • Nurse
  • Trainer
  • Policeman

Also Known As

  • Эмбрион (inc)
  • Ectogen (inc)
  • Created to Kill (us)

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