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Earth vs. the Spider




Quentin is a nerdy comic book fanatic that spends his days working as a security guard at a biotech research lab and his nights at home dreaming of superheroes. When thugs ambush the lab, his partner is killed in the shootout. Overcome by grief, he knowingly injects himself with a top-secret drug made from the blood of a laboratory spider. Slowly, the effects of the injection change his body - and as Quentin becomes more like a spider and less like a human he develops a hunger that will not be ignored...

Us release date: October 07, 2001

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Unknown poster from the TV movie Earth vs. the Spider

Main Cast

  • Det. Insp. Jack Grillo
  • Quentin Kemmer
  • Stephanie Lewis
  • Trixie Grillo
  • Officer Williams
  • Nick Bezis
  • Han
  • Midtown murderer
  • Gutterpunk #1
  • Lloyd (gutterpunk #2)
  • Willie
  • Coroner
  • Huge cop
  • Liquor store cop
  • Photojournalist


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • The Spider (us)

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