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Judith is a teacher going through a crisis. She’s married to a loving husband. She’s secure in her job. However, she can’t get pregnant, and it’s causing a rift in her life. Something tells her it’s not this specifically. Rather, it’s an indicator of something larger. On an orbital space platform, a three man crew picks up a strange object during a routine debris sift. It appears to be a living seed of some sort. Sean, one of the astronauts, comes in contact with the seed. When they touch a strange pulse rings out, killing the other two men instantly, and causing a global brown-out on the planet below. To most, the brown-out is merely a momentary nuisance. However, Judith is drastically affected. The pulse sends her into an epileptic seizure while she’s driving her car. She wakes up in the hospital, having crashed.

Then the dreams begin. Dreams of the astronaut who survived the encounter with the seed pod. Eventually a small group of other people having the same dream locates her. They all slowly realize they are perhaps not what they seem. They are actually members of a stranded alien race, living on Earth disguised as humans. After god knows how many years, they’d actually forgotten what they were. The brownout “rebooted” them, reminding them of their purpose. They band together to seek out the astronaut, now convalescing back home, and the secret of the seed that started their entire journey to self-discovery. The seed that might present a way back home. What does it mean to be human? Is it biology or rather a mental state? That is the core question at the heart of Earthling.

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