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Earth 2




In the distant future, the surface of the Earth has been largely destroyed, and mankind lives in space stations orbiting the planet. A group of space colonists, led by Devon Adair (Debrah Farentino) and John Danzinger (Clancy Brown), are sent to a far off planet to prepare it for colonization by the surviving population of Earth. But a mishap sends them careening off-course, crash landing thousands of miles from the proper camp site...

British release date: October 04, 1995
Us release date: November 06, 1994

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Unknown artwork from the series Earth 2

Main Cast

  • Devon Adair
  • John Danziger
  • Yale
  • Dr. Julia Heller
  • Bess Martin
  • Morgan Martin
  • Ulysses Adair
  • True Danziger
  • Alonzo Solace
  • Walman
  • Magus
  • Zero
  • Cameron
  • Baines
  • (20 episodes, 1994-1995

Also Known As

  • Earth2 (us)
  • Earth² (us)

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