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It is a world of menace, grandeur and intrigue. The Planet Dune - 10,000 years into the future; giant mile-long sandworms guard its most precious and priceless asset, the spice Melange, which permits travel through Time and Space. Whoever controls the spice and its secret controls the Universe. An epic conflict grips the Galaxy as Paul Atreides leads his people into combat against the evil Harkonnens for possession of the planet. But, on Dune, Paul discovers that he has an even greater destiny to fulfill... » Get more informations…

British release date: December 14, 1984
Us release date: December 14, 1984

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French poster from the movie Dune

Main Cast

  • Lady Jessica
  • The Baron's Docteur
  • Piter De Vries
  • Padishah Emperor Shaddam IV
  • Shadout Mapes
  • Thufir Hawat
  • Duncan Idaho
  • Paul Atreides
  • Princess Irulan
  • Reverend Mother Ramallo
  • Stilgar
  • Baron Vladimir Harkonnen
  • Nefud
  • Reverend Mother Gaius Helen
  • Duke Leto Atreides



$45 000 000

Also Known As

  • Дюна (inc)

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