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Dr. Strange




Enter a world filled with sorcerers, powerful supernatural forces and bizarre enchantments as the famed Marvel Comics super hero comes to life to battle the forces of evil, Dr. Stephen Strange is the young hero, chosen by an ancient guardian of the spirit world to learn the mystic arts in order to safeguard the Earth. Thrills abound as Dr. Strange is inducted into the timeless mysteries and awarded cosmic powers as he enters the fantastic world of the “fourth dimension” where jessica walter, a cruelly beautiful villainess, plans an invasion of unimaginable evil on Earth. It’s adventure that is literally out of this world...

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Us release date: September 06, 1978

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Dr. Strange

Main Cast

  • Dr. Stephen Strange
  • Wong
  • Morgan LeFay
  • Clea Lake
  • Dr. Frank Taylor, Chief of P
  • Thomas Lindmer
  • Sarah
  • Nurse
  • Head Nurse
  • Intern
  • Magician
  • Department Chief
  • Mrs. Sullivan
  • Announcer
  • Taxi Driver

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